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Sterility is just one of several reasons these score high on our list for controlled environment compatibility.

Time to Cover Your Sleeves? Reach for These


Sterility in the cleanroom is required, but not all protective apparel passes the test. To make sure you’re covered (see what we did there?) when handling hazardous drugs, we rolled up our sleeves (oops! We did it again …) to find ones that make the grade.     

Sterile Chemotherapy Sleeve Covers are individually packaged and ISO 4-8 cleanroom ready, which means they score high on our list for controlled environment compatibility. There’s no pre-sterilization routine involved, so you can get to work immediately. They provide an ideal solution to address USP <797> concerns for sterility and they make it easy to meet USP <800> regulations for hazardous drug handling. 

Covers are made of fluid-repellent material that is resistant to blood and body fluid, viral penetration and bloodborne pathogens. Tunneled elastic and thumb loops keep the protective sleeves in place.

Ready to reach for a more reliable protective garment? Individually packed sleeves, available 50 per case, ship today! 

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