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Trusted Hospitals Rely on ISO-MED [VIDEO]

Comprehensive environmental monitoring is critical to a hospital’s ability to earn trust in its adherence to safety protocols. ISO-MED is your trusted partner in that the effort, with a full range of products that not only maintain a sterile cleanroom, but test for compliance with a clean compounding environment.

Company Background

Since 2011, ISO-MED, Inc., a medical supply distributor, has been a trusted hospital supplier with a solid combination of quality, selection, service, and convenience. We supply quality products for pharmacy cleanrooms and other medical industries in the United States.

Providing high-grade supplies for cleanrooms, laboratories, homecare, and more. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining compliant sterile compounding environments.

Product Overview

ISO-MED maintains the largest and broadest portfolio on-the-shelf warehouse of supplies.

We offer customized supply plans, a seamless e-commerce customer experience, easy ordering with matching manufacturer, and dependable purchasing/supplier aggregation services.

With one-on-one scheduled training services, we increase the efficiency of your purchasing processes, consolidate your portfolio, and link your on-site supply demand to your inventory management processes.

Offering value-added services, we provide consistent customer service and on-time delivery with a streamlined transaction process. We are driven to help healthcare-oriented organizations save money.

Features & Options

ISO-MED not only has products that help a hospital conform to cleanroom standards, but we also offer the following products for testing cleanliness:

-CR Plus TSA LT Contact Plates

Environmental monitoring for isolators and cleanrooms (surface and air monitoring).

-Tryptic Soy Agar

Added measure to assure sterility in your environmental monitoring program! Hardy Diagnostics contact plates are recommended for use in the cultivation of microorganisms from environmental surfaces.

Additional Product Modules

-Premier Product Offerings

• PPE Product Selection

• HD Spill Kit

• Chemotherapy Gowns and Supplies

• Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions

For every cleanroom or critical environment cleaning and disinfection program, ISO-MED offers several brands and ISO-MED INC formularies.

Markets Served

• Hospital

• Compounding

• Infusion

• Retail

Ordering Information

Contact us by phone at (800) 797-1405 or email to gain access to our exclusive online ordering platform

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