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We Provide Support in Addressing Your 340B Operational and Compliance Challenges

We Provide Support in Addressing Your 340B Operational and Compliance Challenges 

-Prepare for a government or manufacturer audit

-Stay compliant with changes to Medicare Part B reimbursements

-Compare split-billing software vendors

-Connect with 340B hospitals around the country

Member Benefits 


As your voice in Washington, we encourage you to join our advocacy efforts to protect 340B, which includes creating an Impact Profile document illustrating how your savings support your safety-net mission. Our staff is ready to help your hospital engage in advocacy through the development of op-eds and social media campaigns. 

Real-Time 340B Information 

Stay in-the-know and up to date through our email alerts, members-only bi-weekly Bulletin, and the 340B Informed blog. 

340B Health Website

The website has sample forms, letters and P&Ps, as well as policy guides and member best practices. Miss a webinar? No problem, past webinars are housed on our website. Find our audit and compliance resource centers along with a calendar of upcoming events. 


You and your staff will be invited to 340B related webinars throughout the year on topics ranging from audit prep and findings to recertification. We host over a dozen webinars each year and encourage your team to join us. 

Technical Assistance (TA) 

Calls Take advantage of this invaluable resource by speaking with a member of our legal and/or pharmacy teams. Our staff is able to answer questions on topics ranging from audit prep and diversion to adding child sites and drafting policies and procedures. 

The Exchange 

Access our secure online member discussion forum 24/7 for answers to your most pressing 340B related questions, hear ideas and best practices, and grow your network. 

Individual Membership 

Through your hospital’s membership, you are eligible to join this supplemental program which provides professional development and networking opportunities. 

National Conferences 

340B Health, along with our 340B Coalition partners, provides you unparalleled access to information and networking opportunities at our summer and winter conferences. 340B Health and 340B Coalition members receive discounts to both events. 


340B Health hosts interactive roundtables throughout the year. In 2018 alone, roundtables were conducted in nearly a dozen states. These half-day seminars provide vital 340B information, create a forum for idea generation, and are always free to attend.

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