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B Medical Systems’ U701 Ultra-Low Freezer — Flexibility, Performance, and Reliability [VIDEO]

B Medical Systems’ U701 Ultra-Low Freezer — Flexibility, Performance, and Reliability

Protect your most temperature-sensitive drugs and vaccines with this innovative ultra-low freezer designed to offer optimal protection, overall reliability, and energy efficiency. Capable of storing at temperature setpoints of -86C to -20C.

Company Background

Based in Hosingen, Luxembourg with a US location in Noblesville, IN, B Medical Systems was founded in 1979, when the World Health Organization (WHO) approached the Swedish manufacturing giant Electrolux to provide a solution to safely store and transport vaccines around the world.

Across the three major business portfolios of vaccine cold chain, medical refrigeration, and blood management solutions, the company currently offers more than 100 models. B Medical Systems’ major products include vaccine refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, pharmacy refrigerators, ultra-low freezers, plasma freezers, contact shock freezers, and transport boxes. All products have integrated 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities that further ensure that these products offer the highest level of safety and reliability.

Product Overview

B Medical Systems currently produces five different models of ultra-low freezers, with storage capacities ranging from 7.5 to 31.6 cu.ft. These products feature storage temperatures ranging from -86°C and -20°C, meaning that they can be used both as ultra-low and standard freezers should the need arise. The U701 is the flagship ultra-low freezer produced by B Medical Systems and is renowned worldwide for its safety, quality, reliability, and energy efficiency.

The U701 uses a static cooling system to ensure a constant and even temperature distribution across the entire cabinet. The optimized refrigeration system allows even cooling and maximizes the surface area of contact between the coils containing the refrigerants and the cabinet. This, along with the insulated inner doors, improved gasket seals, frames, robust cabinet insulation, and vacuum relief ports, enables the uniform temperature distribution required to provide a reliable storage environment and optimal sample safety. The model offers impressively fast pull down, recovery, and holdover times thanks to its structure and composition, designed to maintain the cabinet at the correct temperatures even in strenuous circumstances.

This ultra-low freezer also uses natural refrigerants to reduce the environmental impact and increase overall cooling efficiency. This, coupled with the structural advantages tied to the materials used for the construction of the body of the product and the multiple internal doors, ensures that this model can provide superior energy efficiency to its users.

The U701 from B Medical Systems is also designed with integrated audio-visual alarms indicating high/low temperatures, etc. It has builtin compatibility with °B Connected, a cloud-based remote monitoring software that enables the remote monitoring of the ultra-low freezer including the recording and visualization of the temperature data. This software can provide alarm notifications via email or SMS.

B Medical Systems’ U701 also comes with access card entry protection that prevents unauthorized access and an optional CO2 backup system.

This robust and secure ultra-low freezer is built to ensure a reliable environment for any type of biological sample needing storage temperatures between -86°C and -20°C, while providing energy efficiency and a low environmental impact.

In North America, U701 models are available directly from B Medical Systems’ logistics hub in Noblesville, IN and can be ordered by contacting the company’s US team for immediate delivery.

°B Connected

The U701 includes B Connected, B Medical Systems’ software for remote monitoring, reporting, and long-term archiving. This program utilizes the data coming from the ultra-low freezer to generate extensive reports on the functioning of the machine and the safety of the biologics stored inside it.

The software features:

• Web-based interfaces for computers and mobile devices.

• A modern design for simple and intuitive use.

• A graphic display of temperature performance curves.

• Integrated event and activity history of the model’s components.

• Data recording on a server for long-term archiving.

• The easy configuration of specific alarm notifications via email or SMS.

• The generation of reports compiling crucial data and events.

• A temperature and detailed device data export for third-party software.

• REST API to access raw data directly from the database in read-only mode.

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