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WasteLog® Can Verify The Identity and Concentration of Liquid Controlled Substances in an Instant [VIDEO]


WasteLog® can verify the identity and concentration of liquid controlled substances in an instant. Preventing drug diversion in the OR requires a quick and reliable method of monitoring and controlling your wastes and returns. With its flexibility, efficient workflow and ease of use, WasteLog® can become an essential part of any Drug Diversion Program.

• Instant verification of narcotics prior to waste procedure.

• Non-destructive sample allows for follow-up testing.

• Mobile for use between departments or facilities.

• Export test results to Data Analytics software.

• Low dose concentrations can be analyzed.

• Measurement graphics immediately available on screen for qualitative analysis.

• Uses the latest absorption spectroscopy technology.

• Creation of new calibrations on-site.

• No monthly subscription fees. | +1 708 359 7302

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