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Has Your POS System Kept Pace with the Needs of Today's Busy Pharmacy?

Has Your POS System Kept Pace with the Needs of Today's Busy Pharmacy?

The 2019 edition of Cardinal Health's National Community Pharmacists Digest (NCPA) revealed that almost 85 percent of pharmacies have a point-of-sale system (POS) in place. That would seem to be a good sign, since technology-based solutions have become critical to efficiency and success in today's busy and changing pharmacies. But what the "almost 85 percent" statistic fails to reveal is what exactly those POS systems look like, and the capabilities they provide.

It just might be, what one pharmacist defines as a "POS system" another might consider nothing more than a cash register! Pharmacies that invested in state-of-the-art POS systems five or six years ago, for example, likely do not have the system integration and broad capabilities that a current system offers and maybe preventing the pharmacy from greater efficiency and revenue management opportunities.

A sophisticated point-of-sale solution can have a multi-tiered effect on a pharmacy's operations. Customer benefit from seamless, easy transactions while managers achieve greater efficiency, visibility, and an opportunity to truly understand the daily operations of the pharmacy.

But not every POS systems offers this comprehensive level of capabilities. Some many prioritize payment processing, or account reconciliation for example, while others may excel in reporting and data analysis. As mentioned above, some systems can integrate seamlessly with a pharmacy's main operating system, while others are standalone systems.

PrimePOS™ offers comprehensive capabilities, including all features discussed above. This means a pharmacy manager does not have to prioritize. A pharmacy manager can truly have it all, with functionality that includes:

Real-time inventory management. Users can view and update inventory based on transaction type, and can determine best-selling products as well as sales laggards. Users can also use the system's auto-update pricing feature to ensure consistency and accuracy of product pricing. PrimePOS™ integrates directly with a pharmacy's wholesaler to enable an automated, seamless reordering process.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities. Savvy pharmacy managers understand the power of data-driven reports, and PrimePOS™ easily generates useful reports on a broad range of topics. Pharmacy managers can receive customized "end-of-day" reports on topics including prescription sales, front-end sales, sales per hour, and sales per cashier, among many other options. PrimePOS™ can also produce reports that can be seamlessly transmitted to patient health care teams, payers, or a pharmacy's accounting or legal services providers. Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or any other time frequency basis.

Sale Pricing. A pharmacy user can work within PrimePOS™ to set parameters for promotional or sales periods. Affected items are selected and sale pricing established. Then a "sale period" is indicated, during which the special pricing will be in effect. Once the sale ends, pricing will revert to pre-sale levels.

Payments and Returns. PrimePOS™ offers comprehensive payment processing for credit and debit cards, along with FSA/HSA cards. In addition, the system's encrypted technology allows for Apple Pay and Android Pay processing. And, since pharmacies must accommodate the volume of products returned by consumers, the system seamlessly processes return transactions, with all records automatically updated.

Electronic Signature Capability. PrimePOS™ allows patients to provide electronic signatures for their prescriptions at the checkout counter. Each signature appears on the screen and is then verified by the cashier. Once the HIPAA-compliant signature is accepted, it is automatically appended to the patient's record.

Pseudoephedrine Sale Capability. Sales of products that contain pseudoephedrine must meet federal and state regulatory mandates, which generally include capture of patient photo identification and/or signature. PrimePOS™ is equipped to easily scan and capture this information, which is automatically added to the patient's record. In addition, sales reports can easily be generated, for a transmission to relevant government entities.

Loyalty Program Management. Your pharmacy can customize a loyalty program within PrimePOS™, and seamlessly manage each patient's rewards account. Each patient's loyalty card number is appended to their individual account, with points and promotions automatically added and adjusted. An important – and unique – feature of PrimePOS™ is the ability to create your loyalty program within the system, thereby avoiding the expense of using a third-party provider.

Fully Compliant with Regulatory Standards. PrimePOS™ meets all regulatory compliance requirements including Internal Revenue Service, Payment Card Industry and Payment Application Data Security Standard requirements.

Make sure you are taking full advantage of all PrimePOS™ has to offer! Please contact us at with questions, or to set up a tutorial.

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