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Year Round Best Practices for Your Medication Shipments

Year-Round Best Practices for Your Medication Shipments

As of this writing, close to 260 million Americans have been vaccinated – leaving many of us looking forward to a summer that is a little closer to ‘normal.’ There are some things that will likely remain part of our ‘new normal’, including the increase in direct-to-patient medication deliveries.

Beyond keeping up with increased demand, pharmacies need to make sure medication stays in the appropriate temperature range until reaching the patient. Putting a TransTracker® in your outgoing shipments can help by giving your patients an easy-to-read visual cue of whether medication has gotten too hot or too cold during transit. Where you place the TransTracker in packages, however, can make a difference. Take a look at our infographic to see how placement matters. 

Of course, regular PPQ testing also ensures your packaging is performing as expected. That’s why the most recent update to URAC standards requires that specialty and mail-order pharmacies conduct PPQ testing at least twice a year. Read more in our 2020 VUEPOINT: Summer is Coming – Now is the Time to Start Planning for Biannual PPQ Testing.

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