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New Solutions for Vaccine Storage

Vaccine Storage to Fit Any Need

Maintaining vaccine and pharmaceutical product integrity is critical to sustaining community health. PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators and combination pharmaceutical refrigerator and freezer units are all purpose-driven to deliver measurable temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet, even at full load conditions. Our complete portfolio of vaccine storage solutions is designed for easy maintenance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

To give your lab or clinic even more choices for vaccine protection and stability, we have introduced two new models. Both utilize hydrocarbon refrigerants to drive sustainability objectives while delivering uncompromised performance.

Key features include:

High Performance Undercounter Refrigerator PR-L5181W-PA

  • Compact footprint designed for functional workspaces that fits under most lab benches and counters
  • Temperature control that meets current and evolving CDC, NSF and ANSI guidelines for vaccine storage
  • Sophisticated defrost cycle, triggered only when needed

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer MPR-N250FH-PA and MPR-N250FSH-PA

  • Complete refrigerated and frozen product storage solution in one cabinet
  • Slim profile design with spacious storage capacity
  • Maximized horizontal airflow to prohibit inadvertent freezing

Learn more about how PHCbi brand products deliver the reliable cold storage needed for vaccines and pharmaceutical inventory here or contact your local PHCbi representative today.

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