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Which Waste and Compliance Requirements Do You Need to Be Aware Of?


How to Find Your Healthcare Organization’s Hazardous Waste Generator Status


Given the ongoing implementation of the EPA’s Final Rule on the disposal of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals, commonly referred to as Subpart P, there is no better time for healthcare organizations to review their hazardous waste generator category. Making a category determination is not always easy, but this article provides clarity and guidance on how to determine which category your organization falls into.  

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Understanding the Basics and Key Requirements of HIPAA Compliance


HIPAA is considered a minimum set of rules to be followed for privacy or security of individually identifiable health information—such as medical records—while ensuring patients and providers of care can access that information when they need to. Three main rules comprise the HIPAA legislation: The Privacy Rule, Security Rule and Breach Notification Rule. The following article takes a closer look at these rules as well as some other key elements of the HIPAA laws. 

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