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STUDY: Improved Adherence Using Automated Prescription Delivery

STUDY: Improved Adherence Using Automated Prescription Delivery


Increased Adherence and Patient Satisfaction Using ScriptCenter Automated Prescription Delivery

A 35-month study published in the Journal of American Pharmacists Association reported the benefits of using ScriptCenter automated prescription delivery technology. The study demonstrated that more patients pickup their prescriptions from a kiosk than at the counter. Even more compelling, patients reported comparable counseling and a high level of satisfaction using ScriptCenter solutions. 

Study Findings

• Reduced RTS rate compared to counter pickup

• 96% of patients reported that convenient access was the main reason they were using the pharmacy

• 87% of patients said that after-hours prescription pickup was a significant factor in determining to use the kiosk

• 97% of patients said counseling sessions were more efficient and produced the same quality of counseling


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