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The Most Widely Used Paper Free IV Seal in the U.S.

Pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics have come to expect performance, reliability, and cost savings from Winfield Laboratories’ line of sterile, tamper evident USP <797> compliant IV seals. The seal that is garnering unprecedented attention is the Tamper Evident Zero paper IV seal, which is expected since Winfield is known as the original innovator of the IVA® Tamper Evident IV Seals.


The 100 percent paper-free seal, including the dispenser and label, are reasons why hospitals and pharmacies are making a move to Zero Paper IV Seals. The vinyl, not paper label, along with the adhesive-free area that eliminates the dots are must-have features. 


More details mean more ease of use. The non-sterile, tamper evident Zero Paper IV seals are curl-free. The supply chain department will find the product economical because of the 1,000 seals per roll. Customers will also receive a free under the hood hanging rack. 

Winfield Laboratories, Inc., a woman-owned small business, was founded over 30 years ago to serve both the wound care and pharmacy market spaces with innovative products.

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