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Bring in the Best with Parasol Medical

The objective is to create a microbe-hostile environment to protect hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. To accomplish that objective means an environmental intervention to combat hospital-acquired infections. This battle succeeds when you send in the best with MicrobeCare from Parasol Medical. They give the facility patented protection from any man-made material from mold, mildew, and any stain or odor-causing bacteria. 

When microbes come into contact with the MicrobeCare technology, it destroys the cell wall of the microbes, neutralizing the growth process and making them unable to reproduce, effectively eliminating the organism. Specifically, MicrobeCare bonds to surfaces to provide a long-lasting base layer of protection shown to eliminate greater than 99.99 percent of microorganisms on surfaces quickly.

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To get started, Parasol Medical’s technicians and engineers will work with your facility to evaluate and test current bioburden levels on surfaces and other critical items throughout your facility. Then, the team will develop a customized treatment plan to apply MicrobeCare to all of the surfaces in an efficient manner.

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