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(#10 of 18): What are Visante’s strategies for 340B optimization?

#10: What are Visante’s strategies for 340B optimization?

Join Justin Ott, Vice President, 340B ACE, and Jerame Hill, Vice President, as they discuss Visante's strategies for 340B optimization that include program expansion, e-prescribing, and more. 

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#1: Visante: How Does Visante Transform Healthcare Through Pharmacy? 

#2: How can hospitals and health systems make the most of the strategic asset of pharmacy? 

#3: Why are leading health systems reconfiguring their leadership teams to improve organizational performance? 

#4: What structure seems to work best when reconfiguring leadership teams to improve organizational performance?

#5: Why is there sometimes resistance to structuring pharmacy for optimal success?

#6: What are some of the common mistakes that systems make pertaining to pharmacy leadership?

#7: What is Pharmacy Performance Solutions, and why should hospitals be interested in this now?

#8: Why should a covered entity partner with Visante for their 340B program audits?

#9: Does Visante provide ongoing routine oversight for 340B programs?

#10: What are Visante’s strategies for 340B optimization?

#11: Why focus on pharmacy revenue cycle?

#12: What are the most important components of an effective pharmacy supply chain strategy?

#13: What positive results can an organization expect when establishing a high-performing pharmacy supply chain?

#14: What are pharmacy compliance services, and why are they so important?

#15: Why focus on specialty pharmacy services?

#16: What is Visante’s unique approach to specialty pharmacy?

#17: What support does Visante offer for prior authorizations?

#18: How does Visante’s prior authorization service model work?

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