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Blister packaging eliminates the need to open multiple prescription bottles for each dose. Automation prevents dispensing errors, increasing patient safety. And pharmacies can seamlessly integrate blister card production with their pharmacy management software. The benefits don’t stop there, DOSIS System by Manchac Technologies offers more. Pharmacies' workflow and bottom line can improve with automating blister card production.

Manchac Technologies configures DOSIS to fill 28/30/31-blister cards with fill patterns matched to calendar start date when desired. Customers have the option of printing unit-dose information on the back of each blister, and the package can indicate for staff if a dose was given. manchac.png

Administrators can set the system to run unattended at any time of day. Specifically, it can automate anywhere from 2,500 to 250,000 blister cards per month. DOSIS
System is the automation solution on the market that allows a monthly subscription to ensure value every month. 

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