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Optimizing Medication Supply Strategies

Regulators and patients measure hospitals by safety, efficiency, and patient experience. One of the top determinants of success is whether medication is available and provided in the safest way possible to its patients.  American Health Packaging (AHP) built its reputation by offering a portfolio with high-demand and difficult-to-find unit-dose products designed for effectiveness and efficacy. 


AHP serialized, barcoded system allows for diverse unit doses and ensures clinical staff accurately give BCMA-compliant medications that scan correctly at bedside, improving positive patient outcomes. 

AHP’s wide range of products closes the gap between what patients need from providers and what is available on the market for providers. The desired items arrive at the pharmacy in a timely matter and ready to dispense. The pharmacist can trust that the pre-packed and unit-dosed medications in blister packs are protected and verified. A needed time-saver is the oral solids and liquids that free up internal resources while avoiding cumbersome in-house repackaging tasks.

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