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U.S. University hospital orders 4 WasteLog®-systems

Pharmacolog’s partner, Codonics, will equip a prominent university hospital with WasteLog® units to assist with a drug diversion prevention initiative across their campuses.

As a company committed to patient safety, Codonics is helping U.S. hospitals reduce the potential threat of drug diversion with WasteLog®, a drug assay device that helps eradicate diversion. The company placed an order for four WasteLog® systems which will be installed in a leading university hospital. The hospital is implementing the technology as a best practice approach to help ensure the chain of custody for handling controlled substances. The WasteLog® system will help the hospital create a reliable safeguard to maintain the integrity of safe medication practices to protect again diversion. The four WasteLog units will be delivered against the call-off order for eight systems that was announced on January 21st, 2021.

Mats Högberg, CEO, Pharmacolog comments: “Together with Codonics, we are very proud to deliver WasteLog to such a respected healthcare institution. Codonics is dedicated to helping hospitals improve patient safety and in very short time, their purposeful work has enabled WasteLog technology to be implemented into one of America’s leading hospitals, which is comprised of several affiliated hospitals.” stated Mats Högberg, CEO, Pharmacolog.

Michael Kolberg, VP Sales for Codonics, comments: “Diversion prevention requires continuous prioritization and active management to guard against complacency. We are honored to offer this easy-to-use and highly effective solution that will help improve patient safety though organization oversight. We are proud to partner with Pharmacolog to provide healthcare with such state-of-the-art technology.”

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