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The Easiest System to Use

The owner of the pharmacy has to assess many different factors in deciding what pharmacy system to buy. One of the biggest determinants involves your staff’s reaction to it. The system should not frustrate the employee, and it should not take a long time to train them. A well-designed pharmacy system should make your employees more productive and happier.

Liberty’s software lives up to its name as it frees up time to make employees’ work life better. The positive user experience sets them apart from other systems. It’s a simple, effective program in every way.

The work that flows from the system includes RPh check, final product check, and customizable stages so you can design the workflow to fit your pharmacy’s needs.

Liberty has several tools to be proactive with your patients’ refills, including automatic test and emails regarding prescription-ready alerts, waiting messages, and auto-refill. Plus, patients’ adherence numbers are displayed graphically for quick reference.


When customers need help, it’s only a phone call or mouse click away.

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