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Supporting Pharmacy Efficiency with a Growing Product Formulary

American Health Packaging 

Supporting Pharmacy Efficiency with a Growing Product Formulary


Liquid Unit Dose from American Health Packaging

American Health Packaging delivers unit-dose products supporting patient safety and pharmacy efficiency initiatives. Products come in multiple pack sizes to provide flexibility in managing local inventory. Liquid Unit Dose cups are available through partner wholesalers and GPOs.

• Pull-tab labels promote ease of opening and product administration

• Thick-gauge cups with excellent label seal integrity aid in avoiding costly damage and cleanup

• Legible labels aid in selecting correct products from the pharmacy shelf

• Cups and storage trays are designed to optimize limited storage space

Hitting the Mark

American Health Packaging is a leading manufacturer of serialized, barcoded unit-dose products for hospital, institutional, and long-term care pharmacy | 800.707.4621

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