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New partnership with Scintica Instrumentation

The Baker Company, global leader in containment technology, owner of Baker Ruskinn, itself a global leader in anaerobic and precision low-oxygen culture solutions for microbiology and cell culture applications, has signed a new partnership agreement with Scintica Instrumentation, Inc. Scintica will distribute exclusively Baker Ruskinn's anaerobic and physiological oxygen workstations along with revolutionary portable platforms and support customer ground-breaking research in the wide range of industries served by Baker Ruskinn.

Scintica is a value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation with locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Their team of scientists on staff has the depth of experience to guide scientists in real-world applications of the equipment and provide the training and support to help customers get results.

With a proven track record of bringing cutting-edge, innovative products to the North American market and establishing them as market leaders, Scintica will be responsible for all Baker Ruskinn product lines in Canada.

“We are excited to be working with Baker Ruskinn and representing such an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of anaerobic, microaerophilic and hypoxia workstations”, said Blair Poetschke, President of Scintica.

Samir Patel, Baker Ruskinn’s Global Sales Director, said “Scintica has been a partner for VelO2x and PhO2x Box since March 2019 and they have exceptional depth of knowledge in all the customer sectors in which Baker Ruskinn participates, covering animal physiology, microbiology, cancer research, stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Samir continues: “We are very pleased to be working with Scintica. Their sales, technical specialists and field service engineers will provide our customers with an outstanding level of service that is required in this growing market.”

It’s clear that exceptional minds need exceptional tools and that’s why Baker Ruskinn continues to bring innovative new toolsets to the market, now with the Canada support from Scintica.

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About Baker Ruskinn (formerly Ruskinn Technology Ltd)

Baker Ruskinn, is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and modified atmosphere solutions for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications. Its advanced line of anaerobic chambers and physiological workstations help improve research results by providing precisely controlled conditions for anoxic and low-oxygen studies.

About Scintica

Scintica is a value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation with locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Scintica carries a diverse but synergistic portfolio of products, encouraging a holistic approach to science, ranging from laboratory equipment & tools for imaging, lab equipment, cellular, and tissue monitoring.

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