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Hospitals Rely on RIVA

Get to Know RIVA,™ a fully automated IV compounding system designed to consistently and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags in hospital pharmacies. RIVA by ARxIUM has become the pharmacy fulfillment gold standard when it comes to safety, effectiveness, and precision.


By automating the preparation process, challenges dissipate for the patient and the pharmacy technician. The result is a high degree of confidence because of the proprietary technology. 

Breaking down the benefits even more, Pharmacy leaders will find that with RIVA:

— Standardizing batch compounding reduces human errors and provides a transparent, consistent process.
— Reducing the number of full-time workers for sterile compounding services allows the movement of personnel into higher-value roles.
— Lowering costs associated with ready-to-dispense sterile compounds improve financials.
— Achieving production goals ensures continuity of care.
— Complying with regulatory measures improves hospital rankings. 

By increasing safety and quality, hospitals can reduce the total cost for the healthcare system’s supply chain.

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