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The Baker Company launches a new, innovative, Carbon Dioxide Cell Culture Incubator, ReCO2ver™

The Baker Company launches a new, innovative, Carbon Dioxide Cell Culture Incubator, ReCO2ver™ designed to improve laboratory productivity and enhance the integrity of scientific research.

Sanford, Maine, August 2, 2021 – The Baker Company, Inc. (“Baker”) a global leader in biosafety and contamination control technology, has launched ReCO2ver™, an innovative, new “rapid recovery” cell culture incubator that will bring even more value to its customer in the field of microbiology, cell culture and biological safety.

“We are excited about releasing yet another high performance, cell growth solution to our lineup.  Our ReCO2ver, cell culture incubator is a truly differentiated product that we are confident will add significant value to our customers and their cell culture work, by providing unparalleled protection for cells. This technology serves as the perfect bridge between typical (ambient) and physiological cell culture, where constant and precise control of cell culture conditions are so crucial to delivering repeatable and reproducible results”, said Dan Eagleson, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at The Baker Company. He continues: “At Baker, we truly believe in creating optimal “Environments for Science”; this solution is an example of that mantra and reflects a significant shift in our brand strategy, which is to provide an expansive range of solutions for studying cells in their most physiologically relevant state, for all types of research applications.”

This new “Rapid Recovery Incubator” has been designed to satisfy scientific applications requiring precise control of cell culture conditions, prevention from contamination, and maximum protection for cells.  In addition to this new cell culture incubator, the company also supplies a range of physiological cell culture workstations from Baker Ruskinn, with distribution partners across the globe.  The company plans to leverage distribution channels from both brands to bring even more value to its customers, across the globe.

“Baker is planning to utilize our accomplished and knowledgeable independent sales representative channel as well as our existing dealer network to launch our ReCO2ver product in North America and beyond,” said Jim Hynes, Vice President of Sales at Baker.   He adds, “Our intent is to first bring this solution to North America and select regions in Europe through our sister company in the Netherlands, CleanAir by Baker.  We will then look to expand throughout the rest of the EMEA and into APAC, leveraging sales partners from each of our brands.”  The company is also planning to add new distribution partners in strategic markets to boost its already extensive channel coverage for its full line of cell growth solutions from both Baker and Baker Ruskinn.

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About The Baker Company

The Baker Company (dba, Baker) developed the world’s first clean air workstation and vertical flow biological safety cabinet in 1949 and is now the world leader in the manufacture, design and supply of contamination control solutions.   The Baker Company is a privately held, third generation family owned and operated business.  A pioneer in the industry, Baker maintains an unparalleled passion for helping its customers advance science, discovery, and clinical care through the supply of high-performance scientific, contamination control and biosafety equipment.  

In 2011, the company acquired Ruskinn Technology Ltd. (dba, Baker Ruskinn), one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas-controlled, anaerobic, and modified atmosphere workstations for use in medical microbiology, cell biology, cancer research, molecular medicine and stem cell laboratories. CleanAir by Baker supplies a range of biological safety workbenches and laminar flow solutions.  Clean Air was one of the first European producers to develop a microbiological safety workbench, certified to DIN and European (EN) standard, by TUV Nord.  Baker acquired the Clean Air brand (formerly Clean Air Techniek) from Azbil Telstar in 2018 under The Baker Company, Benelux B.V. (dba, CleanAir by Baker).

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