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Clean and Sterile Cleanroom Garments – The Lakeland Standard

What are sterile cleanroom garments? 

Sterile cleanroom garments are designed to protect a cleanroom environment from contamination from viable organisms, while also protecting the wearer from hazardous substances.  

These garments often include coveralls, hoods, sleeve and boot covers, and more to contain human particles within the garment.  

Many factors such as air filtration, chemical handling, and liquid condensation can compromise a cleanroom, but the most prevalent threat to a cleanroom is human contamination.  When choosing sterile cleanroom garments, it’s critical to consider how this apparel is mitigating the transmission of wearer particulates to the cleanroom environment and products. 

This is where clean and sterile garments can make a difference. 

What's the difference between sterile garments and clean and sterile garments? 

Sterile garments can be manufactured in any textile facility and exposed to many elements during the cutting, sewing, and packaging processes. Once the garment has been constructed, it undergoes a gamma radiation process which sterilizes the garment post-production. While this gamma radiation process is standard, this alone does not reduce non-viable particulate load that could be held on the surface of the garment as a result of inferior design. 

Clean and sterile garments are manufactured in a facility that utilizes current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and employs competent staff trained in these strict standards. This means that, from the moment raw materials are brought in, the garment is made, sewn, and constructed in a highly controlled clean environment with exacting processes. 

Most importantly, a clean manufacturing facility ensures that operators and the garments themselves are not adding particulates onto the garment during construction and production. After production, the garment still undergoes gamma radiation to ensure sterilization. 

The Lakeland Standard 

Lakeland Industries is proud to go above and beyond the industry standard of clean and sterile garment practices.  

All of our CleanMax® garments, both sterile and non-sterile, are clean manufactured to produce a higher-integrity garment. Lakeland Industries manufactures in a certified cleanroom and follows the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) outlined in the US Code of Federal Regulations 21, Part 820.  

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile so you can protect your product and your people.  

Lakeland CleanMax® 

Lakeland CleanMax® garments are clean manufactured and available in both sterile and non-sterile configurations.  

Ideally suited for ISO Class 4-8 clean environments, our garments are backed by 30 years of experience and dedication to quality manufacturing practices. 

CleanMax® was designed with the end-user in mind.  All of our clean-manufactured cleanroom garments are latex and silicone free, have bound seams, zipper plackets, and feature tunneled elastic wrist and ankles to reduce particulates from escaping the garment.   Each garment is individually packaged with an easy open strip for less handling during the donning process and specially folded to encourage faster and easier donning. 

For a full list of features, speak with a Lakeland product specialist, or request a sample to examine the Lakeland difference for yourself.  

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