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The PK+ Telehealth Suite

The PK+ Telehealth SuiteTM

The PK+ Telehealth Suite™ is a range of digital applications that provide healthcare providers & their patients with advanced, convenient, and secure access to a wide range of telehealth services, as well as pharmacy order processing and tracking.

The PK+ Suite is made up of a number of solutions that can be purchased as wholly integrated services or as specialized parts to be integrated with a provider’s system, depending on specific needs. We’re constantly developing new tools to better meet healthcare needs!

Beyond our existing solutions, TCE Group is able to develop unique functionalities tailored to meet customers’ business needs. 

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PK+ MYVIDEOJOIN (Telemedicine And Virtual Visit)

PK+ MYPHARMACYAPP (Prescription Drugs Ordering)

PK+ PHARMACY KIOSK (Pharmacy Ordering Terminal)

RX CLAIM PRO (Rx & Medical Cannabis Claims Processing)

PK+ ONECARETM (Remote Patient’s Monitoring)


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