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6 Essential Marketing Resources for Promoting Compliance Packaging Inside your Pharmacy


If you have invested in a compliance packaging solution, and you want to grow your program, the best place to start is with existing patients, but what is the best way to promote your services inside your pharmacy?  When customers step foot in your store, you want them to see all of the services you provide that set you apart from your competition. Taking some simple steps to market your solutions can make a big difference.

Here are 6 essential resources you should have in your pharmacy to promote your compliance packaging services


A poster displayed in your pharmacy is a simple and easy way to let your customers know that you offer a service that can simplify their life.  A picture tells a thousand words.  Opt for images of your compliance packaging solution and brief, impactful messaging that explains the benefits and how it works. 

Video Animation

If you have a TV in your pharmacy, play a silent video animation that runs in a loop.  It is a great way to catch customers’ attention as they wait for their prescription.  Even if they do not need the service themselves, they may know someone else that does.  It is a great referral opportunity.

Display a Sample

As you engage patients in discussion about your compliance packaging solution, it is always a good idea to keep a sample displayed at your front counter.  It allows you to demonstrate how easy it is to use.  Fill the sample with candy and get creative with the presentation.  Medicine-On-Time Customer Support can help you set up a sample patient.  Also, ask the Medicine-On-TIme Marketing Team about counter display options.

Provide a Flyer or Brochure

Along with a sample of the compliance package, a flyer or brochure should be readily available for your customer to grab and take along with them.  Make sure to keep the message simple, explaining how the system works and how the service you provide can add convenience to their life.

Bag Clipper

If you offer a drive-up window or delivery service, some customers may not get the opportunity to see the advertisements throughout the store.  When you fill their medications, include a bag clipper or insert that provides basic information about the packaging solution.   Make sure to include a link to your website where you provide more information as well as a phone number to call to schedule an appointment.

Your Team

Your team is your most valuable resource.  They can increase success by engaging customers who could benefit from your compliance packaging solution.  It is important for them to  keep the message simple, focusing on the convenience of the service and not previous mismanagement of medications.  The key steps are to explain the benefits, demonstrate the package, and complete the conversation by asking the customer if they would like to get started.

Final Thoughts:

Taking simple steps to increase interest in your service can result in better outcomes for your patients and big returns for your pharmacy.  If your pharmacy is a Medicine-On-Time member, reach out to us for a free consultation.  All of the resources mentioned above are available to you as a member. Your success is our success.

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