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More than a Courier Service

The Mideast Delivery Solutions (MDS) drivers know that timeliness matters, especially with a package that helps people with their health and well-being at a long-term care facility. These drivers take great pride in their work and their role in helping people. MDS’ recruiting priority involves looking for drivers who demonstrate care and concern for others. 

The team at MDS approaches their service and value to pharmacies in a wide-ranging manner. Beyond a courier service, 2021-08-11_15-21-54.png they want long-term care pharmacies to know they can rely on them to absorb everything about their courier and operational needs. 

MDS collaborates with the pharmacy staff on-site and develops a comprehensive courier solution tailored for the pharmacy, explicitly addressing existing problems. The result is eliminating unnecessary expenditures for pharmacy and saving time for staff that is better spent with patients.

Through the coordination and implementation of daily delivery routes and coverage of stat orders, Mideast Delivery Solutions stands at the ready to support long-term care pharmacies.

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