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Compliance cards make a difference in helping patients take their medication. Labels and packaging supplies tie everything together. And prescription bags must always be in stock. Pharmacies rely on these essentials to reinforce medication adherence, keep everything running smoothly, and strengthen the brand identity. Pharmacy managers turn to Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS) as their trusted source for supplies and printing needs.  

PAS has grown from a small local print manufacturer that supplied local pharmacies to one of the largest and most relied upon suppliers in the country. Their growth and success resulted from superior products, competitive pricing, and excellent service.  

PAS is known for its printer selection. Pharmacies can choose from over 20 high-speed flexographic printers equipped with turret rewinders, printheads capable of digital printing, and the highest quality optical and error detection systems. 

Presenting customers with the pricing that works for their budget is accomplished through continuous investment in technology to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. PAS’ business model allows for a lower overhead than the competition.


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