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Secure Drug Delivery

The installation of drug security programs at healthcare facilities continues to increase each year because of the rise and risk of drug diversion. Ensuring protocol adherence and mitigating diversion temptations are central missions for these programs. One of the simplest, easiest, and effective tools in the arsenal of methods is tamper evident caps. 

Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps from International Medical Industries (IMI) provide that extra security level to a pharmacy’s compounded preparations and controlled substances. This technology is an active deterrent to drug diversion. 

IMI’s Tamper Evident Cap technology has become an industry standard for securing IV Syringes. More than 85 percent of the top 503B Compounding Organization trust IMI to secure their preparations.


Incorporating these caps into in-house procedures standardizes all the syringes throughout the health system. The cap reduces the risk of your pharmacy being compromised either accidentally or intentionally. 

IMI has a 50 year legacy of delivering high-quality American-made compounding devices to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

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