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EzriRx Launches "Product Requests"

Hello Pharmacies, we get your pain:

When there is a shortage on a product and it’s not in stock anywhere, what do you do? When you need a fringe product not available regularly, where do you turn to? Launched today on EzriRx: ‘Product Requests’!

Somewhere, someone has it! If they have it, or if they can get it, EzriRx brings you together!

In addition to searching the Marketplace for 70,000+ products, you can now create a request within the ‘Product Request’ page which can be found on the main navigation menu. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will notify wholesalers and pharmacies of your request!

How it works?



 To create a new product request, hit the ‘add new’ item button. Type in the NDC you’re looking for and make sure the correct product is selected. This product will now be added to the list of requests.

If the item is already listed in the marketplace, we will link to the listing so that you can buy it, if not we will add the listing to the Requests page.

If you need it, chances are someone else does too, that’s why we created a Subscribe option. You can either request the item yourself or subscribe to someone else’s request. When it’s added, both of you will get notified and it’s a first come first serve! You can subscribe or unsubscribe to products at any time.

When a new product request is added to the Requests Page, a ‘Pink’ notification icon will appear on the request page, if you need it as well, subscribe, if you have the product, add it! You’ll be helping a pharmacy in need and might even move excess inventory.

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