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The Needed Pill Counter

2021-08-18_14-38-28.pngWhether the pharmacists are in an acute-care hospital or long-term care facility, they need pill counter automation to count solid oral medications quickly and accurately. What they don’t need is any hassle with calibration or stock bottle scanning. Making a pharmacist’s job more effortless and less stressful is why the team at Crocus Medical designed the RM1 Vision-Based Pill Counter.

The process is as simple as placing the medication on top of the machine and watching it count them instantaneously.

The RM1 Pill Counter saves time and labor, especially for narcotic double counts where precision is a requisite. Pharmacists can you the RM1 for inventory counts of any open bottle. Accessories like the direct-to-vial and the bulk-counting chute make dispensing routines even more efficient.

With its sleek tabletop design, pharmacist can place RM1 anywhere in the dispensary, freeing up valuable counter-top space.

Crocus Medical is dedicated to improving the safety of medication preparation and administration through the development and supply of specialized error prevention systems and equipment.

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