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It seems we have made it through the COVID crisis. More and more people have been vaccinated and life is starting to get back to “normal”. The new normal anyway. Many hospitals had to put projects on hold during this time so they could devote their resources to the immediate needs. I personally know of a hospital that put their implementation of a drug diversion software product on hold and another hospital system that committed to developing a diversion program prior to COVID but had to place that development on hold. It’s time now to get back to it. I’m guessing there are other facilities that are in the same position. 

Do you have an effective drug diversion program? Effective is the key word. When was the last time you performed a gap analysis to determine how effective your program is? You may not even need to perform a gap analysis to know the program is lacking. I want to encourage you to get back to looking at your diversion program if that project was placed on hold or if it is something you have not been actively engaged in in the past. It is important for your facility, your patients and your staff. Are you auditing for diversion? Is it time to consider a software package to improve audit thoroughness? Listen to the interview with Rxpert Solutions and Aegis RX, two companies that provide services related to drug diversion, for an overview on the importance of a solid drug diversion program. 

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