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Strategic Purchasing & Operations Improvement Solutions by Innovatix

Strategic Purchasing & Operations Improvement Solutions by Innovatix

Innovatix offers differentiated, high-quality group purchasing and consultative services. We help members maximize their overall financial performance by providing the resources and educational support needed to enhance the delivery of quality patient care.

Company Background

Innovatix is a national group purchasing organization that provides strategic purchasing solutions and operational support to help pharmacies and other alternate site healthcare providers thrive. We supplement our industry-leading purchasing program with a consultative approach, in-depth analytics, vast healthcare expertise, and value-added and fee based services specific to our members’ needs. Innovatix works tirelessly to deliver savings and value to members.

Product Overview

Innovatix offers one of the most extensive, competitive purchasing portfolios available today. We provide members access to a $67 billion purchasing portfolio comprising over 2,000 contracts through 900-plus suppliers.

Value-Added Services

Innovatix member benefits extend beyond the significant savings we provide through our group purchasing services. While group purchasing is at the core of what we do, Innovatix is committed to offering additional value to help our members grow and excel.

• Innovatix Educational Institute: Each month, Innovatix offers free accredited Continuing Education (CE) opportunities. Members can take advantage of these learning sessions from the convenience of their own computers.

• Government Affairs: To help our members navigate the complex healthcare regulatory environment and ensure that their concerns are properly addressed, the Innovatix Government Affairs program has continued to develop as an important value-added service, particularly for our long-term care and infusion pharmacy members. We keep members informed and advocate on their behalf, working closely with national advocacy organizations.

• Clinical Experts: Innovatix staff includes clinical pharmacists and physician consultants who provide members with best practice studies, disease state management information, formulary management, and medication error reduction strategies.

Pharmacy Operations Improvement Programs

Our suite of pharmacy operations improvement programs is designed to address your operations needs without distracting from your main mission — providing high-quality patient care.

• Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services: Third-party accreditation has become increasingly important — particularly with respect to reimbursement rates — to payers for verifying quality and patient safety. The Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services program is designed to support pharmacies in achieving recognition from various accrediting bodies.

• Innovatix Credentialing Counsel: Innovatix Credentialing Counsel is our solution for pharmacies facing payer credentialing challenges. This service provides guidance for each task in the credentialing process and helps users navigate the evolving payer landscape.

• Innovatix Preferred Provider Network: Successfully navigating Medicare Part D to maximize reimbursement on Medicare prescription drug benefit claims is a major challenge for many pharmacies today. The Innovatix Preferred Provider Network provides pharmacies access to Medicare Part D contracts with the nation’s largest prescription drug plans and pharmacy benefit managers.

• Scriptmax®: Scriptmax offers the most complete pharmacy claim support in the industry. Through a comprehensive suite of pre-edit, postedit, and reconciliation services, Scriptmax empowers pharmacies with actionable claims review data during every step of adjudication.

• Innovatix USP <800> Compliance Services: Drawing on our extensive experience supporting non-acute healthcare providers with USP <795> and <797> compliance, Innovatix launched a flexible, fee for-service program to help healthcare facilities nationwide successfully comply with the new USP <800> standard.

Key Business Partners

Innovatix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Premier, a healthcare improvement company uniting an alliance of over 4,000 U.S. hospitals and more than 200,000 other provider organizations.

Ordering Information

Innovatix GPO membership is free. To learn more about our group purchasing services and suite of pharmacy operations improvement programs, visit, email, or call (888) 258-3273.

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