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Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc. Your Community Pharmacy Supply Experts

Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc.  Your Community Pharmacy Supply Experts

For over 50 years, Medi-Dose/EPS has been working with pharmacists to design and support cost-effective products, solving the specific needs of their pharmacies.

Company Background

Medi-Dose/EPS was founded in 1971 when Milton Braverman, a former pharmaceutical company territory manager, saw the need for inexpensive, manual unit dose packaging.  He developed the Medi-Dose System to package, handle, and dispense predetermined amounts of medication so they would be accessible for one regular dose.

Because of the continued success of the Medi-Dose System, Medi-Dose/EPS expanded its product line to include a full-line of compounding supplies, disposable products, liquid packaging, labeling, and oral syringes designed specifically for the pharmacy professional. We pride ourselves on being the “old friend of the family” and have long-standing products designed to meet the needs of your retail, community, and compounding pharmacy.

Product Overview

• Products for the Compounding Pharmacist

With Steri-Dropper Bottles, liquid packaging, oral syringes, labeling, safety products, and software, Medi-Dose/EPS is your pharmacy’s source for compounding supplies!

The science of pharmaceutical compounding poses unique challenges to pharmacists in the community setting. Whether caring for people or animals, pharmacists have to meet the stringent requirements of USP 797, 800, and other pertinent guidelines, address the unique concerns and conditions of their patients and do it economically and efficiently. Medi-Dose/EPS compounding products are integral solutions helping you manage this vital but complex process while providing the care and protection your patients need.

Product Specifications

• Sterile I.V. Accessories

Safety Products

Labeling Products

Filtering Products

Dispensing Products

• Steri-Dropper

Sterile Packs of Either Two or Ten Bottles, Tips, and Caps

Special Zinc Stearate-Free Resin

Four Sizes: 3, 7, 10, and 15 mL

• Labeling

Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels

Liquid Packaging Labels

Tamper-Evident Labels

• Safety Products

Care Giver Protection



Additional Products

We are the source for all  your pharmacy’s ancillary products! Bags, bottles, trays,  and totes are among a few of the many other supplies we carry. Anything that’s necessary for proper handling in a retail pharmacy setting — you can count on Medi-Dose/EPS! 

Ordering Information

For additional information, please call us at (800) 523-8966, visit our website at, or email us at

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