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Dispense Drugs Faster with Rapid Sterility

Dispense Drugs Faster with Rapid Sterility

Advantages of Releasing Drugs from Quarantine Earlier

• Decrease costly drug waste

• Decrease internal drug shortages

• Improve space utilization

• Gain efficiencies by increasing batch size

• Detect contamination events faster

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ARL’s Rapid Sterility Method

• Fully validated per USP <1223> 

• Tests all sample types including solutions, oil, and suspensions

• Non-Destructive allowing for identification of contaminating organisms

• Objective, automated results generated by the instrument

• Formulation specific method suitability required

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ARL Bio Pharma is a contract laboratory that provides analytical and microbiology testing services. Our laboratory’s regulatory expertise and comprehensive services supports your commitment to provide high-quality medications and excellent patient care.

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