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Cardinal Health: Innovating solutions to support medication adherence [VIDEO]

Cardinal Health: Innovating solutions to support medication adherence

Consumer expectations for convenient, on-demand services are increasing, driving the need for innovative, forward-looking solutions to meet those expectations and maintain critical relationships with patients. Cardinal Health is delivering digital solutions that will enable independent pharmacies to expand service offerings and improve healthcare outcomes. 

Patients look to you for help with complicated medication regimens. Compliance packaging is great for patients, but it can be a time-consuming and costly to scale up. The average compliance fill can take up to 25 minutes, requiring you to shift focus to behind the counter, taking time away from your most critical role — connecting with and caring for patients. Additionally, machines that automate the process can cost more than $250,000. To balance the increased expectations of patients, you need solutions that can help improve patient medication adherence and simplify prescription fulfillment, providing more time for patient consultations. 

Cardinal Health™ NavixRx™ Compliance Packaging

is a new solution that allows pharmacies to outsource the costly, timely and cumbersome process of compliance packaging for patients taking two or more prescriptions daily. Eliminating both the cost and burden of compliance packaging provides time with patients to simplify complicated regimens and improve healthcare outcomes. 

As patients look for a balance of convenient and personalized care, one of the best things a pharmacist can do for patients is help them with medication adherence. NavixRx™ Compliance Packaging provides both the time and scalability needed to meet the needs of patients and help pharmacies thrive into the future.

NavixRx™ Compliance Packaging digitally integrates with your Pharmacy Management System allowing pharmacists to send compliance orders safely and easily to the Cardinal Health centralized fulfillment center. There, a team of on-site pharmacists use high-speed, automated central fill equipment to compliantly package prescriptions, by the dose, into a 30-day supply of strip packs. Over-the-counter medications and vitamins can also be added to the daily strip packs with the prescriptions to simplify medication regimens and improve outcomes. Multiple quality checks, including digital imaging, are performed at the Cardinal Health fulfillment center to confirm the contents of every package before sending the compliance strips back to the pharmacy for delivery to or pickup by the patient. 

The 30-day supply of compliance strips is shipped unbranded to the pharmacy, allowing for the addition of pharmacy branding, before delivering to patients. Each pouch is clearly labeled with the patient’s information, contents, and time of day when the medication should be taken. 

NavixRx™ Compliance Packaging provides the tools and resources to help independent pharmacies thrive in today’s evolving healthcare market and continue providing personalized care to patients now and into the future. The speed of innovation and the evolution of consumer expectations has resulted in a watershed moment for how we address the needs of today, and how we prepare to meet the demands that tomorrow will bring. This includes helping pharmacies expand their consumer goods presence. 

E-Commerce Storefront is a digital platform off ered by Cardinal Health that expands your pharmacy online, providing a virtual endless aisle of products. With online shopping increasing at an exponential rate, E-Commerce Storefront gives patients access to more than 11,000 over-the-counter products for online purchase. And it provides an additional revenue opportunity without the additional inventory storage and management. 

The E-Commerce Storefront website

is a cloud-based solution that integrates into the existing pharmacy website, providing a streamlined dashboard to reconcile orders. Available over-the-counter products are automatically processed through the pharmacy distribution center with the standard shipment. E-Commerce Storefront offers next-day delivery from the Cardinal Health warehouse to the independent pharmacy, along with marketing support from Cardinal Health.

Customers want the convenience of virtual shopping and the high-touch, high-value relationship that their local pharmacist can provide. The ability to meet the needs of both gives pharmacies a competitive edge and allows them to have a signifi cant impact on healthcare outcomes. 

Cardinal Health is in pursuit of even better delivering innovative solutions to help independent pharmacies unlock the highest level of performance, solve unique challenges, capitalize on opportunities ahead, drive value, and deliver high-touch service to patients. 

NavixRx™ Compliance Packaging and E-Commerce Storefront champion independent pharmacies in the pursuit of retail success. For more information, visit

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