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Azina is Revolutionizing Hospital Specialty Pharmacy to Drive Revenue and Results

Azina is Revolutionizing Hospital Specialty Pharmacy to Drive Revenue and Results

Azina’s proven ambulatory experts help keep your patients inside your hospital or health system, and realize transformative pharmacy growth.

Company Background

For healthcare leaders who value expertise and business outcomes, CPS is the healthcare solutions provider that delivers successful results through a comprehensive set of services, cutting-edge technology, and industry leading expertise. With over 50 years of experience in healthcare and pharmacy and a proven track record with a variety of healthcare organizations, CPS empowers excellence in your internal healthcare operations and drives sustainable performance and efficiency through a mutual commitment to the patient.

Azina, a division of Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, is a specialty pharmacy partner that provides expertise in specialty pharmacy, ambulatory, and infusion services. We are the complete specialty pharmacy solution that delivers successful pharmacy results through quality infrastructure, access to key resources, and a commitment to patient outcomes, all enabled by an integrated data-driven technology platform. With proven outcomes and a well-rounded, experienced leadership team, Azina progresses the patient journey and drives profitability through efficient, inventive, and sustainable specialty pharmacy solutions.

Product Overview

Azina provides the support to help hospitals and health systems successfully navigate the specialty pharmacy industry. We take a holistic execution strategy that adapts to your organization’s unique needs to take control of the patient journey so you can accelerate your pharmacy ecosystem and business.

We will take your outpatient pharmacy to the next level by empowering ownership of pharmacy operations and patient outcomes. You can count on us to help you tackle complex problems through our suite of services across the entire outpatient pharmacy value stream. Our team of tenacious experts brings insight, rigor, and expertise to uncover sustainable outcomes that realize transformative pharmacy growth. 

Specialty Pharmacy Solutions: Our team has a long history of success in building specialty pharmacies of all sizes. We’ll work with you to design and build your specialty pharmacy to perform at its best, so you can focus on delivering the best-in-class care your patients deserve. 

Retail Pharmacy Solutions: Build your own retail pharmacy. Azina’s team of retail pharmacy experts will evaluate the workflow, technology, payor solutions, and overall staffing of your facility to ensure it’s optimized not only for today — but for your hospital or health system’s future needs. We strive to ensure that we put in all the necessary steps and processes so that our clients and retail pharmacies are successful, efficient, and, ultimately, take care of the patients that rely on these services the most.

Infusion Services: Establish or expand infusion options by leveraging Alternate Sites of Care (ASOCs) to ensure that patients are seen at the most advantageous site of care for the system. We’ll work with you to create a strategic plan within your organization to improve patient capture, coordinate care, and maintain service line revenue.

Each of the solutions above include all/many of the following: 

•        Financial Opportunity Analysis: Gain a comprehensive financial analysis and pro forma of where there are business and clinical opportunities for your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Design and Buildout (Retail, Infusion, Specialty): Design a pharmacy from start to finish including workflow, automation, and maximization of the size of the building.

340B Compliance/Optimization: Realize your 340B potential and let us help you capture any leakage and/or high potential clinics possibly qualified.

Clinical Management: Have access to dedicated pharmacists and technicians that support your patients on a daily basis.

Staffing/Training: Successfully develop a strategy and plan for on-site and/or remote staffing from implementation through ongoing operations.

Operations/Software: Implement the best pharmacy management software and development of operational processes for your pharmacy goals including benefits investigation, prior authorizations, clinical patient management, and front-end processing.

Dual Accreditation/Reaccreditation: Gain dual accreditation and/or reaccreditation in less than nine months (URAC, ACHC, The Joint Commission, CPPA).

Trade Relations: Gain access to brand names and key decision makers in limited distribution drug networks.

Payor Network Access: Gain access to both regional and national network opportunities including any requirements needed, negotiations, and support needs.

Business Intelligence Reporting: Track and monitor financial and operational metrics with a robust reporting tool that gives you a comprehensive analysis on your pharmacy performance.

Marketing: Successfully launch your pharmacy and build your brand to increase your referral base with marketing communications, messaging, collateral, campaigns, etc.

Markets Served

Hospital Outpatient

Independent Retail

Mail Order


•        Infusion

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