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In collaboration with our users, partners, and healthcare professionals, TCE Group aims to provide advanced, fully integrated telehealth and pharmacy services.


The TCE Group vision is to be the preferred and trusted provider of B2B all-inclusive integrated digital health and pharmacy services.

Company Overview

TCE Group is a Canadian company founded in 1992 and specializing in pharmacy automation and healthcare systems integration. TCE Group established the world’s first online mail-order pharmacy. We also developed and patented the PK+ Pharma Kiosk. TCE Group provides a pharmacy-centric suite that includes telehealth, audit logs for Medicare, Patient Health Records (PHR), reminders, monitoring, care plans, alerts, and caregiver participation. We work with partners such as pharmacists, pharmacies, clinics, and others to provide our customers with workflow efficiencies and new revenue streams.

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We would be more than happy to meet with you or speak with you on the phone about what PK+ can do for you. Send us an email or fax to start the conversation.

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