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PK+ MyVideoJoin - New Features

PK+ MyVideoJoin - New Features

The PK+ MyVideoJoin module offers patients a secure connection to a licensed healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, pharmacist or third-party contractor) who can offer health advice during online appointments booked in advance. The module includes an audit trail feature for billing purposes, providing the date, time and a transcript of each meeting. Services are available in English and other languages, and are adapted for end users with visual and hearing impairments.

Upcoming features include:

• Doctor review patient’s EHR and messages.

• Patient able to upload & share documents.

• Doctor review a shared document online.

• Automated filling of forms using speech to text using IBM AI.

• Book multiple appointments in advance​.

• Conversion of speech to text​.

• Generate Audio, Video, Text Record.

• Language translation and conversion to English text with AI integration​.

• Speech-to-speech translation

• Automated audit trail (date and time stamp)

• Automated text transcription record for Medicare billing

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