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Advancing the Future of Pharmacies with Compounding Technology

Using a mortar and pestle for medication compounding presents numerous challenges to today’s pharmacists.  In fact, concerns with dose uniformity, compound quality, cross-contamination, and worker safety have consistently created problems. But QuartetRx—a new, superior liquid compounding system—makes compounding much easier, safer, and faster.  

P&C Pharma’s QuartetRx provides superior compounds and costs savings to every pharmacy.  QuartetRx is the industry's first automated oral liquid compounding device that improves business volume and margin for pharmacies through compounding efficiency. 

QuartetRx allows pharmacists to compound high-quality multi-dose oral liquids from tablets, capsules, and drug powders. A unique wet milling process consistently yields small rounded particles of medication, which suspend easily and are less prone to clumping or caking, ensuring dose uniformity.

In fact, QuartetRx can compound up to four medications simultaneously within 20 minutes using highly engineered, single-use containers and a wet milling process.


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