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LifeFile - What We Offer

LifeFile - What We Offer


 LifeFile is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system for the management of compounding, specialty, and retail pharmacies. 

LifeFile integrates healthcare

-LifeFile connects pharmacists, providers, patients, and salespeople via a secure, online environment. 

LifeFile is feature-rich

-LifeFile provides a vast array of features like integrated faxing, order management, document management, workflow automation, compounding management, auto-payment services, auto-ordering, inbound and outbound IVR, integrated shipping, custom reporting, and much more.

LifeFile is an ePrescribing pioneer

-LifeFile is a pioneer in specialized ePrescribing.  With millions of successful prescriptions transmitted, LifeFile is probably the most recognized name in compounding ePrescribing.

LifeFile reduces implementation risks and costs

-LifeFile offers an innovative, no-risk implementation process that gives owners the option to migrate incrementally, at a pace and scope that is right for the pharmacy!

LifeFile develops new technology continuously

-LifeFile designers and engineers transform customers’ “wishes” into new features at a remarkable speed.  From small usability fixes to entirely new components, LifeFile is a leader continuously introducing new technology.

LifeFile partners with clients

-LifeFile’s work with pharmacies goes beyond guaranteeing the functionality of the application.  Soon after initial implementation, LifeFile and Pharmacy staff start a continuous quality improvement process centered on the optimization of new and existing LifeFile technologies.


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