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Knowing Exactly Where, When, and What to Expect

In 2009, Drew Kronick identified the need to bring time-sensitive delivery and technology to the healthcare industry.  
So Kronick developed Strategic Delivery Solutions—which was later branded as SDS Rx—to provide unique delivery solutions to long-term care, specialty, infusion, and nuclear pharmacies, as well as pharmaceutical distributors, labs, and healthcare networks.  
Today, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing a national footprint, while also setting the local benchmark for delivery accuracy. In addition, SDS Rx has established itself as the undisputed thought leader in healthcare delivery and logistics, bringing time-sensitive delivery and technology to where it matters most—the healthcare industry.

There is no question that the company’s industry-leading technology is seamlessly integrated with each customer to guarantee compliance, transparency, accuracy, and accountability. In fact, each customer always knows exactly where, when, and what to expect from SDS Rx. 

To change the game in healthcare logistics, SDS Rx recently added the smartphone application, TruView™, a next-level communication tool designed to drive operational effectiveness and collaboration. With TruView™, customers are empowered to communicate the need for specific service enhancements. This communication is then processed via an automated resolution engine to ensure ongoing operational improvement, specific to each client’s unique delivery network.


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