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Providing Healthcare Professionals and Patients with High-Quality Outsourced Medications

Today’s healthcare providers must improve patient care, while also saving money. However, as strict regulations continue to evolve, it has become more difficult for hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics to safely and effectively compound drugs in-house.

They also face additional in-house challenges, such as:


--Continuing drug shortages and escalating drug costs

--Shorter in-house shelf life that can lead to medication waste

--Costly investments in equipment and staff training to ensure compliance

Due to these challenges, many healthcare providers are turning to FDA-registered 503B outsourcing providers. However, not all 503B vendors are the same, so pharmacy leaders must closely examine the quality and safety of every potential 503B partner. 

Leiters provides hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and physician offices access to high-quality compounded sterile preparations. Leiters combines their team, robust processes, and state-of-the-art outsourcing facility to ensure the highest quality products and services.

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