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Automated Medication Dispensing Delivers Numerous Configuration and Security Options

Developing an efficient team and keeping patients safe are the main goals of most healthcare facilities. And TouchPoint Medical’s medDispense product line delivers functionality and flexibility to help drive increased security, efficiency, and value for every single healthcare provider.

MedicationManagement-HomePg-V2-425x425.jpgTo do this, medDispense® uses one software platform, medLogicTM, to support a series of automated dispensing cabinets that enable organizations to use single dose dispensing, single line item control, and bulk item storage.

Not only is the medDispense® Classic automated dispensing system scalable to your specific needs, but it also satisfies the budgets of different healthcare facilities. The modular system is able to offer flexibility for every facility's medication storage and dispensing requirements. Features include the following:

The interface is extremely intuitive, which decreases learning time and enables caregivers to spend more time with their patients.

The medication delivery process for long-term care facilities is enhanced via remote authorization, reporting, and inventory alerts.

There is greater control over the medication management process, reducing the need to make numerous trips or navigating time-consuming ADC lines.

The medDispense® system integrates with all HL7 compliant hospital information systems.

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