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Monitoring the Temperature of Critical Vaccines and Medications

Proper vaccine storage and handling are very important factors in preventing and eradicating many common vaccine preventable diseases. Yet, each year, storage and handling errors result in revaccination of many patients and significant financial loss due to wasted vaccines. 

Failure to store and handle vaccines properly can reduce vaccine potency, resulting in inadequate immune responses in patients and poor protection against disease. And patients can lose confidence in vaccines and providers if they require revaccination because the vaccines they received may have been compromised.

As a result, monitoring the temperature of vaccines and medications is an essential task, which is regulated by several government health organizations. Rees Scientific helps monitor the vaccines from research through the manufacturing to the end customer. The company help maintain product safety, while meeting all regulatory requirements. Their system complies with the guidelines of vaccine storage and handling from WHO, CDC, FDA, VFC, NIH, PHAC, AAP, and much more.

Rees Scientific helps monitor critical assets, equipment, and environments, such as cleanrooms and compounding pharmacies. The Rees system can monitor temperature of any cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, and ultra-low freezers) from +100 to -196 °C.  

Their monitoring system helps manage the temperature of crucial vaccines and medications. In addition, it can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations, while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis from any desktop computer, tablet, or phone. 


Instant alarm notifications are available via local sonic, interactive dialed telephone, escalating email, and text messaging at any time of the day or night. In fact, the Rees System provides automated daily printouts, alarm notifications, audit trails, and complete data encryption. These standard features help organizations meet compliance for USP <797>, USP <800>, FDA, ASHP, GMP, Joint Commission, and other regulatory requirements.

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