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Revolutionizing the Way Patients Take Medications

Numerous surveys show that difficulty swallowing pills is widespread among adults and can prevent some individuals from taking their medicine. As a result, user-friendly dosage forms are crucial.

Enter Beutlich Pharmaceuticals’ MEDCOAT®, which revolutionizes the way patients take medications. MEDCOAT covers pills and capsules with a coating that disguises the bad taste of any medicine.

MEDCOAT not only helps patients take the right dose of their prescribed medications, but it encourages patients to complete their prescribed and non-prescribed medicine regimens. In addition, just one MEDCOAT applicator can coat up to three pills - depending on the size. MEDCOAT also allows doctors to prescribe the pill version of a patient’s medication, rather than the liquid form, which typically tastes bad and is not properly dosed.  

There are numerous benefits, including: 

• Sugar, soy and gluten-free 

• Pills and capsules are covered in a coating, which makes them easy to swallow. 

• Dissolves in 47 seconds once swallowed. 


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