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Providing a One-Stop Shop for Pharmacy Essentials

While running a pharmacy can be a monumental undertaking, it’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you have the right resources at your side. Rx Systems is one of those valuable resources. 

Rx Systems is a one-stop shop for the items needed to operate a pharmacy. These include prescription filing cabinets, corrugated and fiberboard file boxes, anti-fatigue floor mats, warning and time pass labels/dispensers, as well as graduates, funnels, mortar, and pestles. 

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For 40 years, Rx Systems has helped pharmacies develop products and strategies to serve their patients better and more efficiently. Rx Systems does this by designing, manufacturing, and distributing items specifically for the pharmacy field. In fact, Rx Systems offers labels, forms, bags, vials, counter supplies, and packaging supplies for all types of pharmacy markets, including retail, institutional (geriatric and correctional), hospital, and mail order. 

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