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Providing Tools and Solutions for Drug Diversion Prevention

Drug diversion is growing problem in this country. Thanks to Pharmacolog, their WasteLog® product provides a simple and effective way to monitor and safeguard discarded or returns of controlled substances from high-use areas.

WasteLog® is a device that manages the workflow by examining the waste and returns of injectable controlled substances. Simply put, WasteLog® is a key component of any Drug Diversion Prevention Program and minimizes attempts to divert injectable controlled substances.

In addition, WasteLog® better manages the workflow that prevails when analyzing the returns of narcotic drugs within Drug Diversion Prevention program and is specifically created for the U.S. market.

Key features include:

• Instant analysis of injectable controlled substances in 2-3 seconds

• Instant on-screen result graphs available for qualitative analysis

• New drug calibrations created on site

• Low dose concentration analysis

• Non-destructive sample available for follow-up testing

• The latest absorption spectroscopy technology used

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