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A Collaborative Effort between Leaders in the Periodontal Field

There is no question that CBD provides some very real benefits. As a result, PerioProtect and Imbue Botanicals have partnered to develop a complete line of CBD dental products for better oral health. 

Designed by leading professionals in the periodontal field, this all-natural, comprehensive CBD oral product line is made up of natural products, combined with the numerous benefits of organically grown Colorado CBD. 

The CBD Mouthwash and Oral Rinse—which is rigorously tested to ensure safety and potency—is a true step forward in daily oral care. The unique fluoride-free mouthwash and oral rinse is specially formulated for a fresh, minty taste. It is combined with powerful 442 mg per bottle of Full Spectrum CBD and other all-natural ingredients to leave your mouth feeling wonderfully clean. 

Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, it’s the perfect complement of cleansing and refreshment. The product features the following:

• No artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives

• All natural with 442 mg of organically sourced proprietary Colorado grown CBD

• Fully recyclable packaging

• No animal testing

• Freshens breath and leaves your mouth with a natural, clean feeling


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