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A True Step Forward in Daily Oral Care

When you think of CBD, you likely think of its anxiety-reducing benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, and total body wellness. But there’s another area of the CBD industry that’s growing quickly: CBD oral care. 


In fact, research on the benefits of CBD toothpaste is abundant. CBD works with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to regulate countless processes and is considered to have medicinal value. Not surprisingly, this means it can have a major impact on your oral and overall health when it’s included in your daily routine. 


Designed by leading professionals in the periodontal field, the CBD Mint Toothpaste by PerioProtect and Imbue Botanicals is a fluoride-free, great tasting mint toothpaste. The product is formulated with hydroxyapatite to help strengthen enamel, as well as Full Spectrum CBD. 


Carefully crafted using quality natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, it combines gentle cleaning, natural full flavor and a powerful 300 mg of Full Spectrum CBD to help keep your teeth the very best they can be.


The product features the following:

• No artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives

• All natural with 300 mg of organically sourced proprietary Colorado grown CBD

• Helps strengthen enamel

• No animal testing

• Fully recyclable packaging

• Freshens breath and leaves your mouth with a natural, clean feeling

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