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PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory Webinar

PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory Webinar

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT


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We're happy to introduce PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory!

Our new inventory management will provide our pharmacies with the ability to maintain and manage multiple sources of inventory while retaining a simple and friendly user interface. Pharmacies will be able to assign specific inventory sources to specific facilities for both retail and 340b patients.

The new bucket inventory comes with a revamped expanded inventory window within PrimeRx's Drug Profile so that you can see all of the inventory sources for a specific drug.

Ordering inventory in PrimeRx™ has also been revamped to allow you to order by a specific inventory source as well as setup order limits for specific drugs by an inventory source.


Intro Multi Bucket Inventory

Security Manager – 4 Different Users

Linking Wholesalers/Vendors to the buckets (let us know we can do for you)

Facility Scenario with buckets

Managing inventory received/manual & 810 files

Physical inventory

Added orders in Prime EDI


Inventory deduction: billing, unbilled and drug pick verification

Q & A

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