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Stryker Cactus Smart Sink and Cactus PharmaLock OR

Company Background 

We are one of the world's leading medical technology companies. Our growth is based on a diverse array of innovative products and services in orthopaedics, medical and surgical, and neurotechnology and spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes – which we achieve through the dedication of our more than 33,000 employees globally. 

Product Overview 

Stryker’s Cactus Smart Sink System is an easy-to-use, “green” waste solution for partially administered pharmaceuticals. It accepts unused portions or partial doses of controlled substances and provides for a secure alternative to a sink, toilet, red sharps container, or waste bin for drug waste. The Cactus Smart Sink System automatically secures and renders controlled substance waste unusable and non-recoverable while providing a secured bridge from traditional drug disposal to proper and responsible disposal. This system utilizes two replaceable cartridges: one liquid cartridge for liquid waste and one solid cartridge for capsules, tablets, and patches. Both cartridges allow for continuous disposal over time and are designed to last up to 90 days. The system utilizes automatic timers and weight indicators providing notice when cartridges are full or have expired. The system also allows you to choose a preferred expiration date by using the built-in timer selector switch. The Cactus Smart Sink System helps bring medical facilities into compliance by providing a secured and environmentally friendly method of disposal. 

• It facilitates properly witnessed wasting of narcotics in the open and near the drug dispensing systems where needed, improving safety and saving time. 

• It allows for up-front waste documentation and facilitates this process to be completed immediately (when controlled substances are dispensed) rather than later. 

• It reduces the opportunities for drug diversion by facilitating two person witnessed-wasting and by keeping partially filled vials and syringes out of red sharps containers, which have become a key source for drug diversion in medical facilities. 

Cactus Exclusives 

• Patented Proprietary Mixture: This patented technology uses a combination of denaturants and deterrents to render drugs unusable and non-retrievable in accordance with the DEA standards for controlled substance disposal. 

• Secure System: The Smart Sink and PharmaLock OR are fully locking systems, complete with universal key sets. Additionally, the Smart Sink has an alarm system with both audible and visual alerts that notify the user when the lid is unlocked and when the cartridges have reached roughly 90% of their wasting capacity. 

• Technology: Offers both audible and visual alerts that notify the user when the cartridges are roughly 90% full. Product Specifications n Cactus Smart Sink 

• Accepts both liquid and solid pharmaceutical waste. Solids are accepted in the form of tablets, capsules, and patches. 

• Liquid cartridge solidifies drugs within 15 seconds with a wasting capacity of 3.6 L. 

• Solids cartridge features a uniquely designed pill maze and patch slot, rendering drugs acutely non-divertible with a max wasting volume of 2 L capacity (roughly 1,500 pills). 

• Locking lid with a universal key set for added security. 

• Audible and visual alarm system that alerts user when lid is locked. 

• Audible and visual alerts to notify user when cartridges are full. 

• Can be wall or countertop mounted. 

• Comes with antimicrobial, wipeable exterior. 

• Powered by either a battery or AC adaptor unit. 

Cactus PharmaLock OR 

• Designed for liquids only pharmaceutical waste. 

• Utilizes the same liquids cartridge as the Cactus Smart Sink. 

• PharmaLock OR housing is antimicrobial and wipeable. 

• Can be cart mounted or wall mounted. 

• Comes with locking cage with universal key set. 

• Antimicrobial housing can be removed when not necessary. 


• Solids utilizes a proprietary mixture of denaturants and deterrents to convert solids to a liquid state. 

• Liquids uses a funnel system integrated with absorbent polymers that converts liquids to a semi-solid state. 

• Tethered cap for spill prevention and security of full cartridges. 

• Both cartridges begin to render drugs unusable and non-retrievable immediately without shaking, the addition of a solidifier, or any other additional steps by the user.

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